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Thread: finnbear aftermarket stocks

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    finnbear aftermarket stocks

    can anyone suggest replacement stock (synthetic) for L61R Sako Finnbear in 7mm rem mag
    understand McMillan can supply are they good replacements

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    McMillan has a good reputation; they are also somewhat pricey.

    To my knowledge, Bell and Carlson now only makes a stock for the A-V. It will will fit an L61R or A-III, but the tang cut is longer and will require filling. I think that Wookie who posts here on the forum did that with a synthetic A-V stock a while back and posted pictures of his results, which looked very nice.

    I'm sure there are probably a couple of other companies offering synthetic replacements. Perhaps some other forum members can cite them for you.
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    Hi Info,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    For stocks the ones I know of are, (in no particular order):

    1. Mcmillan ( as mentioned above) they are distributed here in the UK by Jacksons. , They are helpful and would be worth a call.
    2. Robertson Composites. Canadian and known for benchrest stocks, might be worth a call? They are also represented here in the UK by Jackson as above.
    3. Manners Stocks, They do Tikka Stocks in the US don't know about our guns. try I don't know who covers them here in the UK.
    4. Staffordshire Stocks. Based here in the UK, they do Composite stocks,

    I'm partial to wood myself, so have not used any of the companies above; so cannot comment on quality of their products or their service histories. I also don't know if they inlet for the L61R, but as usual it might be worth a call.

    That said the first three have very good international reputations and the fourth I know only from seeing them here in the UK.

    Good luck with getting a stock, and as always please post a picture. Before and after shots are great and much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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