1. Hey All! Lately there has been more and more scammers on the forum board. They register and replies to members requests for guns and/or parts or other things. The reply contains a gmail or hotmail address or similar ”anonymous” email addresses which they want you to reply to. DO NOT ANSWER ANY STRANGE MESSAGES! They often state something like this: ”Hello! Saw your post about purchasing a stock for a Safari. KnuckleheadBob has one. Email him at: [email protected]” If you receive any strange messages: Check the status of whoever message you. If they have no posts and signed up the same day or very recently, stay away. Same goes for other members they might refer to. Check them too and if they are long standing members, PM them and ask if the message is legit. Most likely it’s not. Then use the report function in each message or post so I can kick them out! Beware of anything that might seem fishy! And again, for all of you who registered your personal name as username, please contact me so I can change it to a more anonymous username. You’d be surprised of how much one can find out about a person from just a username on a forum such ad our! All the best! And be safe! Jim
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All photobucket picture links broken

Discussion in 'Forum FAQ' started by David_S, Jul 14, 2017.

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    I used to post pictures here using links back to Photobucket but have not done so recently as Photobucket became slower and slower with more and more ads. Now it appears that Photobucket has broken all such linking which will only be restored if you enrol in one of their paid plans.

    Consequently many of the photos I, and presumably others, have posted over the years are no longer available. If anyone wants any of the pictures I posted restored just PM me and I will see what I can do. I am thinking particularly of some of the "explanatory" pictures such as those I posted on my "misaligned dovetails" thread which seems to have attracted, and continues to attract, considerable interest.

    Thanks Photobucket!


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