FN-Sako .300 H&H at the Range

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    I finally got my custom FN-Sako .300 H&H to the range for a decent test firing. I've been fooling around with this thing for years on and off. The stock used to be one of those hideous Bishop things from the era of super high Monte Carlo cheekpieces, etc., but I reshaped it, cleaned up the checkering, and added an ebony grip cap and a Pachmayr pad. I thought I had it ready to go a few months ago, but the scope mounts worked loose under recoil because I used the screws they came with, which turned out to be metric. That set me back a few weeks until I got around to reinstalling the scope mounts, and then I had to have eye surgery so I couldn't shoot for a couple of months, and then I had to re-zero the piece at short range. Finally, today I got out on the county's 100-yard range and gave the old beast a proper test.

    Results were mixed. I had to adjust the zero from the rough zero I'd established on the pistol range. With that done, I managed a single one-inch, three-shot group. Then accuracy deteriorated, probably due to the barrel heating up (and maybe some shooter fatigue). Anyway if it will put the first three in an inch, that's plenty good for any game you're going to shoot with a .300 H&H. Ammo was 180 grain Winchester Silvertips, which seems to be the most available ammo in that caliber at shops and gun shows. I've got some handloads that I'll try next time. Recoil was surprisingly mild and the Pachmayr pad worked very well. I was wearing a strap-on shoulder pad as well but I don't think I really needed it. The scope is a Leupold 2.5-8x Vari-X III in swing mounts that are East European copies of EAW mounts.

    I posted a while back on the rifle and the custom work I did to it. That post is here: https://sakocollectors.com/forum/threads/custom-fn-sako-300-h-h.13447/

    Here is the target:
    FN-Sako 300 H&H 6-7-19001.jpg

    And here's one shot of the rifle. More at the link above, if you're interested. The rifle on the bottom is an unmodified FN-Sako in .30-06.
    2 Rifles .JPG
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