Gun Shows are back in southern Arizona

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    Went to a gun show yesterday, the first one here in about six months. They have been having some shows up in Phoenix for a while, but not here. The show was held with some adaptations due to COVID. Entry was controlled to keep the number of people inside within county regulations, and masks were required. The promoter made tickets available on his website; the advance tickets allowed the buyer to enter at 8:30, half an hour before the public opening at 9:00. I was very, very glad I got an advance ticket! When I arrived at 8:15, there were over 50 people in the early-bird line and well over 100 in the line to buy tickets at 9.

    The show itself was a mixed bag. There weren't a lot of interesting guns on offer. There were, of course, the usual acres of AR's. No Sakos, no Tikkas, not much in the way of collectible rifles. I did see a nice Parker-Hale in .25-06; I posted about that on the Parker-Hale thread. There was one table of high-grade shotguns, and a few guys with some collectible handguns. There was lots and lots of (expensive) ammo. Prices seem to have come down a bit. Military grade 5.56 ammo has fallen back under a dollar a round, but it's still a lot higher than normal. There was a fair amount of 9mm around, but .380 still seems to be short. I overheard several buyers looking in vain for .380. There were also many, many tables with miscellaneous non-gun junk - jewelry, clothing, knickknacks, you name it. Several tables of custom knives. On the whole, not a great show.

    Despite the overall mediocrity of the show, I did make a couple of good scores. Picked up two inch and one metric FAL mags for ten bucks apiece. Got a recent-production Leupold 4-12x VXII in good shape for $185, which I thought was a pretty good deal. The same guy had a glossy Leupold 2-7x28mm compact for 160; I passed because I don't have a current use for it. And finally, I got a Colt/C-more 4x handle mount AR scope that appeared to be new and never mounted, in the original box with papers. Not sure what that is actually worth; it's the final variation of the Colt scopes and fairly scarce, but I'm sure it's not as valuable as the original Vietnam-era 3x version. I'm going to post on Gunboards and see if anybody can give me an idea of how I did. It was kind of an impulse buy; it will look cool on my A3 Colt.

    When I left the show around 11:00 there were about 100 people in line waiting for others to leave so they could get in. Maybe the news of that will get around and the next show in June will have more good vendors.

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