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    Both currently on the used guns website:

    1D7709C5-C48E-4B12-800C-861EF344C70B.png 21A965B1-404E-4E96-BB71-3394820D1B1E.png D2A6E308-0041-493B-AA1F-A061FDABA105.png C08F6BD5-253F-4BF8-A361-3CB3967AAC54.png


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    :D Cool looking deluxe .25-20. That’s the only other I’ve ever seen apart from my own. Probably only a half dozen of them ever made.

    If the records SCC have are fake I have a job for whoever done it! Must have taken years and years and also to put stuff in like the leaking ink from the previous page etc is just pure genius! Was it part of the war effort to fool the Germans? :p:D

    Personally, I’d agree the letter is better. But I’m also a hunter more than a collector so can still appreciate any old Sako and it doesn’t have to be rare, a one off or owned by Lee Marvin to make me feel good about it.

    Each to there own I reckon. But if you don’t like the records because they don’t tell you what you want to hear then that’s fine, but making out they are fake seems a little over the top.

    Anyway time to go hunting and fishing!
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    Well, what can you say?

    We all live in times of “fake news” and such and we all know that certain gundealers misrepresent their advertised Sakos.
    Either by ignorance or for profit. Or both?
    Who knows?

    But I will comment on what is stated in one of the ads above since my name is on the Factory Records letter provided.

    All records were NOT lost in a fire, but some later records MAY have been lost. Sako are not sure and when I discussed Sako records in general with their senior employees when I was at the factory earlier this year , their reply was “well, SCC probably have better knowledge of the Sako records than we do.”

    I will also stress the fact that we are currently working together with Sako, to build a new site and community and I very much doubt that they would be interested in doing so if we did anything shady?

    The factory records we have was originally given to Mims Reeds when he ran the SCA and came in the format of microfiches.

    A few years ago, I was invited to Mims Reed so I jumped on a plane to Texas and got to spend some time with him which was a great honour to me! He is a gentleman as good as they come and I very much appreciate that he invited me and told me so much about SCA, the first Sako club.

    Not to mention that I could loan the microfiche records!

    We had to have them transferred in to a more user friendly format and payed a handsome amount of money to a company specializing in this kind of work.

    So what we have are pdf copies of the microfiched ledgers with the exact same info as Sako has, somewhere hidden in the factory premises.

    They were originally handwritten in ledgers which of course makes it impossible to guarantee that all info are 100% accurate since the employee may have mixed things up at the time when they entered the info in the ledgers.

    But we can guarantee that we provide exactly what was written in the ledgers!

    There are a few serial numbers without any info or blurred out info and we always return funds if we can’t find the info asked for.

    There are also a few serial numbers with strange information which doesn’t quite correlate to shipping records or other and we take great care to check such information and we always mention this to the person who ordered it. Always!

    And we also return funds if we can’t provide any information asked for, regardless to reason why.

    The money we receive go to the upkeep of this forum which is owned by SCC, a Texas registered Non Profit Organisation, so we can provide a free community for those interested in Sakos and the history of Sako.

    I am President of SCC, stonecreek is Secretary and manager131 is the Manager.

    We pay for web hotel hosting, domain names, help from specialists to keep the forum updated and all other costs to keep this site free to use for any and all with an interest in Sakos.

    There has been some criticism to what we do but for some strange reason, it always seem to be people with economic interest in Sakos who do so? Either certain dealers in Montana or Melbourne, Australia and a few others?

    Or people in Pennsylvania or other states who constantly change user names on Gunbroker and other sites. (And the latter often use the same rug as backdrop when taking pics of their rifles for sale? Strange isn’t it? Such a big country and they all have the same type of rug?)

    We invite any and all to ask us questions before they order any information from us. Just ask!

    We can also provide information about the Texas Non Profit Organisation we are and we will gladly provide information about our fiscal status to those interested. Just send us an email.

    We have nothing to hide and we do our outmost to abide to all Texas, U.S. and International laws and legislations.

    This turned out to become a lengthy answer but there you go. We know you all enjoy our community and we know that everyone of you can see through most of the deceites and lies spread here on the forum and on other sites.

    But as always, Caveat Emptor! Be cautious when dealing with Sakos just as all other things in life!

    Thank You All!

    For being members here and for making this such a great community!

    It’s an honour to run this site for you all!

    Jim D. Staf
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    In short...

    "Whatsoever a Man soweth, so shall he also reap and be SURE your SIN's will find you out..!"

    Too right its a nice deluxe......! What is it with Cities that start with M?

    Cheers Jim.
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    Thanks Jim. I really appreciate the work you 3 put in to running the SCC. The information on the site, and the knowledge and helpfulness of the members is first class. I am more of a peeker than a contributor, but when you have people like Stonecreek and Topgear talking, its more enjoyable sitting back and listening.
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    Looks like our old friend "Edd" is trying to get $3200 (nearly $2,300 US) for a plain L57 .308. He is also asserting that there were only 5,000 L57's, which he has no basis for saying -- in fact, he is paraphrasing from threads here on SCC in which we have discussed the number of proprietary rifles (Colt, Wards, North America) which were built on the L57. However, a cursory glance at the factory records indicates that far more than 5,000 L57 Foresters were built. Only someone as stupid as "Edd" could say "Sako did not keep information data on production" then say "This gun is one of only 5,000 actions Sako made into L57"s". Okay, "Edd", if Sako didn't keep production records how would you know that only 5,000 were made into L57's? Ouija Board? Soothsayer? Palm Reader?

    Steven Andrew's .25-20 Deluxe is obviously the genuine article. I don't know what it would take to buy it from him, but whoever is lucky enough to own it will own a truly rare "second run" L46 Sako. Since there are no shipping records on this small batch of .25-20 Deluxes it is impossible to say where all of them went, but D.W. Custer seemed to buy a lot of unique calibers and configurations, so maybe all of these are in Australia?

    Speaking of D.W. Custer, I wonder if any of their import records might be archived somewhere? I'm sure that gun imports to Australia were fairly tightly regulated even back then, so is it possible that some government agency might have record of what D.W. Custer imported? Or, is there a successor to Custer who might have their old records?
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