Trade rifle ammo for 9mm ammo

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    Right now we have ammo shortages and crazy high prices. So let's do some horse trading!

    I'm offering to trade premium rimfire and centerfire ammo for quality 124 gr 9mm ammo. My first choice for 9mm would be 124 gr. Federal SYNTECH Match (or SYNTECH Range). Other quality 9mm 124 gr. FMJ works for me, too.

    Generally, here's what I have to trade. (Tell me specifically what you're looking for and I'll let you know if I have it.)

    RIMFIRE: Federal bulk 22lr; Eley and Lapua .22lr; Winchester and CCI .22 Mag.

    CENTERFIRE Personal Defense pistol ammo: 9mm Speer 124 gr. GoldDot HPs and Federal (HST) and Winchester LawEnforcement HPs. I also have Law Enforcement HP ammo in .40 S&W to trade.

    CENTERFIRE rifle ammo: Generally calibers .222 thru .308 plus .338 Win Mag in a variety of bullet weights and styles (PSP, Partition, Bonded, FMJ, V-Max, etc.) I also have new .348 Silvertip ammo for the Winchester Model 71 and original .348 Silvertip bullets and reloading dies. The premium centerfire brands I have to trade for 9mm include: Nosler Custom (.222 mag), Nosler, Federal, Hornady, Remington Match, and Winchester.

    Let me know what rimfire or centerfire ammo you want and what 124 gr. (115 gr.?) 9mm ammo you have to trade plus the quantity.

    (If you don't have 9mm ammo to trade I will sell some of the ammo I listed if you need it, so inquire.)

    Thanks guys.

    Good Shooting/Good Hunting!

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